Tuesday Nights In Huntington Beach

Looking for something fun to do on the weeknights this summer? Look no further than the Surf City Nights in Huntington Beach.

Every Tuesday for the last seven years, the City of Huntington Beach has hosted Orange County’s largest local street fair. Filled with local merchants and growers, one can find anything at this fun family friendly event.

Surf City Nights was created to promote down town on the slower months outside of summer to bring people down to enjoy the sights and the best that local merchants have to offer.

Simone Slifman, an Economic Development Coordinator for the the city of Huntington Beach, said, “What sets our street fair apart from others is the amazing coast and beautiful beach.”

That beach is directly in front of the street fair, which takes place from Pacific Coast Highway to Orange Street, and also uses half of the side streets like Walnut and Olive. They have about 95 vendors each week. The whole second block is dedicated to the Certified Farmers Market. Inside the street fair many fun booths await, from handmade leather goods, hand knit clothing and jewelry, to amazing farm fresh produce.

“All of the farmers at the street fair are certified actual growers,” says Silfman. So the food you are getting is the best it could possibly be and it didn’t travel far to get there. Slifman goes on to say that, “This event is for families, a place you can walk outside in the evenings enjoying all that Huntington Beach has to offer”.

The event is great for the city of Huntington Beach itself as well. It was put together to improve the downtown traffic and still bring people in while contributing to our local merchants. In fact, it is all about mutual respect down at the street fair. There are no competing merchants, which means if someone is already selling a particular item the city will not approve another new merchant to sale the same thing.

Huntington Beach resident and former street fair merchant Mike Misajon, 65, loved selling his flowers at the street fair, “There’s nothing like being out in your community with all your neighbors just having a great time. And seeing the smiles on peoples faces when you give them something they love and that you were able to provide”.

The crowds gather for all of the wonderful food and there is also live music and entertainment. There is something for everyone of every age at the Surf City Nights street fair.

Cypress College student and mother, Alejandra Ramirez, 35, Social work major, thinks her 12 year old would really enjoy the street fair. “We live in Anaheim and I am always thinking of fun things for us to do outside of the city. I think it’s a great idea, we will have to check it out soon!”.

So next time Tuesday comes around, instead of looking for tacos maybe try some of the delicious food and fun times at the Surf City Nights Street fair. It is every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Main Street in Huntington Beach.

A birds eye view of the Surf City Nights Street Fair. HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.

A birds eye view of the Surf City Nights Street Fair. HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.

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