Off-Campus News

  • Erin Gruwell Presents New Documentary to Cypress College Students

    American teacher and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation, Eric Gruwell visits Cypress College and presents her new documentary, Freedom Writers: Stories from the Heart.

  • TIFF 2018 Showcases Serious Award Season Competition

    From Sept. 6 – Sept. 16, 2018, Toronto International Film Festival showcased a selection films at the biggest film festival of fall in Toronto, Canada....

  • Is Fear Real Power?

    Bob Woodward's disconcerting new bestseller "Fear" puts the current administration's tactics in perspective.

  • September Movie Re-releases

    A variety of films are having re-releases in these select theaters this September!

  • More Than Meets The Eye

    “A lot of times, when people say hip-hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of rappers. When you talk about hip-hop,...