• Baseball Parking Blues- a Worthwhile Inconvenience?

    As of Dec 2018, Measure J Construction began working on the renovations for the Science, Engineering, Math (SEM) Building on Cypress College campus. As a...

  • Health Center Holds Condom Day

    Health Center takes light hearted approach to sex education with Condom Day, held Valentine's Day, Feb 14.

  • Cypress College Hosts Black History Opening Ceremony

    Black History Month Planning Committee kicks-off their celebration of Black History Month.

  • Studying and Snack Spots

    As the school semester progresses and the stress settles in, recurring study spots may begin to lack pizazz. Tired eyes glaring at screens and scanning...

  • Rich Fare for a Broke Student

    Once tuition dues have been paid and textbooks have been ordered, the average college student may find themselves in a predicament many of us face....