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  • Let’s Talk Transfer

    With transfer application deadlines approaching, many students are left scratching their heads wondering what are the next steps.

  • Ghosts and Witches and Bats, Oh My

    Halloween has become the epitome of the American “melting pot” with traditions coming from various countries across Europe.

  • Morale Behind the Mural

    Cypress College Art Gallery Director, Janet Owen Driggs, presents the Sergio O’Cadiz Moctezuma Exhibit in order to recognize the artist behind the College Complex building’s...

  • Put On A Happy Face

    Todd Phillips strikes gold with his beautifully dark and gritty take on classic DC character.

  • Adaption of “The American Clock”

    Cypress College theater students explore the fear and fight of American people during The Great Depression with the theme of vaudeville and the ticking clock...

  • Fall Sports Round Up

    Let’s address the elephant in the room, first and foremost: midterms are rapidly approaching. So, naturally, you probably want to break away from the study...

  • Walking Through an Artist’s Struggle

    The Cypress College Photography Gallery is presenting an exhibit of solo artwork by four artists which highlights their personal struggles in today's society. The photography...

  • Men’s and Women’s Soccer Steamrolling Competition

    If you’re a soccer fan, there couldn’t be a better time for you to immerse yourself onto the field as the Chargers score to success....

  • Mindful(l)

    Bogged down by the inevitable stress that comes with the student identity package deal, many are left searching for an outlet to release this stress.

  • The Burning Question: What Can You Do?

    The fire is burning in people’s hearts as they watch the, frequently called, lungs of the Earth be engulfed by flames.