Get Home Safe!

Finals are done, graduation is over, and the parties have begun! Awesome, right?

Lets say you’re at a party celebrating all of that awesomeness and you have had too much to drink. You need to get home, and you shouldn’t drive. You could call a cab, sure, but that leaves your car at the party and you’ll need it tomorrow when you finally wake up, hopefully without a hangover. Should you risk it and drive home?


Here’s another option. The National Directory of Designated Driver Services is the solution. Designated driver services generally work one of two ways.  There are ’Team Lift’ and ’Scooter’ approaches.

Team Lift is where two guys come to where you are in their vehicle.  One drives you home in your car while the other follows in their car.  They get you home and then both ride off together in their car.

The Scooter approach is where a guy arrives on a special scooter that folds up and fits into a nice, compact carrying bag.  He stows the scooter in your trunk and drives you home in your car.  Then he unpacks his scooter and rides off to his next client.

Either way, you make it home safe, and so does your car.

You can find these designated driver services here: Just enter your state and county to find a designated driver near you.

Jeff Flores, a student at Chaffey Community College said, “I think it’s a great idea! Having someone you can call to help  you get home if you overdo it at a party is cool. You don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else, you don’t get arrested or in trouble with the law, and your car is there where you need it to be the next day.”

Annemarie Valenti is just finishing her first year at Cal State University Fullerton, and even thought she’s still underage when it comes to drinking, she said many of her friends drink, even though they aren’t 21 yet. She said, “I’m really glad that there is a service like this out there to keep everyone on the road safe. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in an accident because someone else was stupid enough to drink and drive.”

In Orange County, these are the companies you can call for a designated driver. Some services are free, and the National Directory of Designated Driver Services accepts donations to be able to continue providing this necessary and totally awesome service to all of us on the road.

Orange County and LA County Designated Driver Companies
BeMyDD 1 (877) 823-6933
Cocktail Response Team 323-230-0DUI
Drunk Rescue 1 (855) 378-6573

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