Cypress College Choir

Kevin Denney and Danny Diaz who are current students of choir.

Kevin Denney and Danny Diaz who are current students of choir.

Everyone knows that Cypress College offers courses for students to get their education but it also offers courses for students who want to explore and pursue other interests such as singing.

Students are able to enroll in concert choir, jazz music, and chamber choir to learn different types of music and singing. They learn songs in different languages such as German, Latin, and French. This class is open to anyone who is interested in music although having a little background in it may help.

“If you’re willing to learn it’s an easy A!” said Danny Diaz, 20, forensic science major who is currently enrolled in choir.

Professor Mary Robles teaches students how to read music, how to obtain certain pitches, improves listening skills, and trains students to learn in sync with each other.

“I had no experience before but now I can say that I’m pretty decent,” said Kevin Denney, 19, political science major who is also currently enrolled in the class.

Many people may not have even heard about this class but it has been offered for many years. According to Diaz many people that were previously enrolled in the class transferred out and the message was not spread. “Choir isn’t something I’ve ever been in to and I didn’t even know Cypress offered it. But it’s cool that it’s there for people that want to try it!” said Minjae Kim, 21, biology major.

This semester, the class held two concerts. One was held on campus in the theatre earlier on in the semester and just last Thursday they held a concert in the Good Shepard Lutheran Church. Diaz and Denney are hoping to encourage more students to join so that there is a full group in these concerts to achieve the effect of a full choir.

Diaz said, “If you like to sing in the shower or in the car I highly recommend it.”


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