Fight for your Right to Vape

Lakewood City Council is attempting to pass an ordinance to have vapes banned in non-smoking locations. The city council is attempting to regulate vaping by creating vape-only zones in designated locations. If the ordinance passes, vaping in any other location will be against the law.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) in the Long Beach and Los Angeles area is calling all vape connoisseurs to oppose this proposal. CASAA is dedicated to protecting reduced harm smoke-free alternatives.

Ivan Choi, owner of newly opened store Vape Couture on Valley View, said, “My store strictly promotes vaping to adults who are attempting to quit smoking cigarettes.”

A wide variety of vape connoisseurs feel strongly against this ordinance due to the fact that vaping is unlike smoking. According to Choi,vaping utilizes a vegetable glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food flavoring, powered by a small battery that will simulate the experience of smoking. He says vapes do not have any of the carcinogens that cigarettes contain and still allow a smoker to cut back comfortably from the deathly habit. 

Choi strongly believes in sending a positive message about vaping and stresses that it is not like smoking nor is it a gateway to any type of drug.

“Saying vaping is connected to drugs is like saying smoking cigarettes is connected to smoking marijuana,” said Choi, who also said that Vape Couture offers 10 percent off for its Grand Opening and also an exclusive 15 percent off to Cypress College Students with proof of identification card.

Cypress College students thought that trying to ban vapes is absurd.

Anthony Reeves, 20, major undeclared, is a  regular costumer at Vape Couture. Reeves believes they are trying to ban vaping because it threatens the tobacco company. Reeves also said that many people against vaping try to say it is a gateway to other drugs.

“This is something designed to help cigarette smokers cut a deadly habit and now they want to ban it. That does not make sense,” said Reeves.

Tim Leon, 22, health science, was outside of the cafeteria showing off vapes and vape accessories with friends during their break. Leon poses an interesting question: “Would they rather have us smoking cigarettes?”

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