Students on: Kobe Bryant And His Returns!


Cypress Student, Dominic Duarte, 22, Shows off his Kobe Bryant Jersey.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Kobe Bryant aka The Black Mamba is officially back!

On April 12, 2013 Kobe Bryant ruptured his Achilles tendon in a game versus the Golden State Warriors. Fans and experts were stunned when they found out Bryant had ruptured it and his return was unquestionable.

“When I heard he ruptured his Achilles, I was like dang, that’s the worst injury you can ever have as a basketball player, you’re pretty much done.” Says Philip Gerardo, 22, cypress student.

Mark Lechuga, 19 year old student who is a season ticket holder, says he was stunned.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was just stunned and in shock. I honestly thought his career was over and I was crushed watching him walk to the locker. But Kobe’s very physically and mentally strong I knew he was going to pull through.”

Bryant made his way back to the court on December 8, Sunday, versus the Toronto Raptors. Kobe played 27 minutes having 9 points, 4 assist and 8 rebounds.

Students seemed thrill to see Kobe back on the court.

Adrian Cain, 22, Business majors says, “Heck yeah I was stoked for his return, me and my buddies went to 2nd street Legends in L.B. and just ordered pitchers and chilled. His return was cool, I mean, we didn’t get the Win but at least we got Kobe Back.”

Other students who were fans of other teams seemed envious like Kody Lourenco, 24.

“I really don’t care for his return. I don’t think he’s going to be the same player and Lakers aren’t going too far this year anyways. I’m a heat fan and I’m just being real with you guys. Go Heat!”

Kobe Bryant was out for 7 months and went through surgery for his injury. Through those months, he was going to rehab and strengthening training programs to get back on the court.

Was it new coach Mike D’Antoni’s fault for Kobe’s injury? Many fans are blaming him for the result.

“Every since he replaced Coach Brown, it’s just been hectic, he for sure messed Kobe up.” says Simon Cox, 18.

In an article with Mark Media, from the Los Angeles Daily News, interviewed Kobe’s trainer, Tim Grover, who said, “it wasn’t due to excessive mounts of minutes he was playing. Bryant’s torn Achilles tendon could stem from the bone spurs in his left foot that he has had “for a while.”

So the answer wasn’t Coach D’Antoni wrongful minutes he was giving Kobe.

What we do know now, is the Black Mamba is back and ready for action. He may not be 100% at the moment but in due time, he will get his groove back. Lakers will play the Phoenix Suns in Los Angeles tonight Tuesday, December 11.

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