Campus News

  • Keep an Eye on Crime

    If you see something, say something. The 2019 "Annual Safety and Security Report" informs students, faculty and community members of this year's numbers.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s Talk Student Loans

    With the fall semester's end right around the corner, here are some tips for transferring schools with student loans.

  • Repetition Reiterated

    Dance major, Nickolas Currenton, turns to his fellow students for support in petitioning to make performing arts classes at the community college level repeatable.

  • A Waltz Under the Stars and Around the Sun

    Cypress College dance students perform a waltz under the stars, as live music plays, and the crowd peers through telescopes, gazing at the astrological wonders...

  • The Celebration of Life

    The Day of the Dead holiday becomes a time where the living make way for the departed souls to visit within traditional values.

  • Let’s Talk Transfer

    With transfer application deadlines approaching, many students are left scratching their heads wondering what are the next steps.

  • Morale Behind the Mural

    Cypress College Art Gallery Director, Janet Owen Driggs, presents the Sergio O’Cadiz Moctezuma Exhibit in order to recognize the artist behind the College Complex building’s...

  • Walking Through an Artist’s Struggle

    The Cypress College Photography Gallery is presenting an exhibit of solo artwork by four artists which highlights their personal struggles in today's society. The photography...

  • Graduating? Application Deadlines Approaching

    The finish line is in sight, and it's up to you to take that last step and finally cross it.

  • Remembering the Lives We Lost

    Cypress College's 9/11 memorial, the lives we lost, and the lives inadvertently affected by the most fatal day in United States history.