UFC Gym Welcomes Cypress Students

Looking for some butt kicking deals for the gym? The UFC Gym is welcoming all Cypress students to join their facility.The UFC gym is located right across from Cypress College on Valley View Blvd.

The gym is giving students great deals on their memberships.

Rob Chanez, manager.

Rob Chanez, manager.

The Cypress UFC Gym Manager, Rob Chanez, says there are some sweet deals that students can benefit from.

“We are offering discounts and reduced payments for students.” he explains. The discount to students is that they only pay half the enrollment fee. “What students can benefit from this gym is self defense, one day it can actually save their lives and it’ll also help them gain confidence.”

You can find the Cypress UFC Gym on campus at Club Rush, letting students know about their deals and gym so be sure to look for their tent.

The gym also offers classes which include martial arts, core workouts and kick/punching drills. Once your technique and thoracic threshold is at a good level, you can then step in the ring and begin to spar with a friend of partner.

The gym has free weights for members to use and also treadmills for members who want to get some cardio done. The Cypress UFC gym also has several pro fighters including Alejandro Perez, who train in their facility. Not only does the gym have a good location for students but can guarantee some good professional training.

The UFC Gym Cypress is located on 9111 Valley View St Cypress, CA 90630. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to call them at (714) 826-4269 and ask for Rob Chanez.

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