College Students Ideas on Eating Healthy with a Busy Schedule


Meals prepped and ready for a busy week. (Lean ground turkey with veggies and quinoa)

Meals prepped and ready for a busy week. (Lean ground turkey with veggies and quinoa)

College students have their own ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a busy school life.

“You have to have enough energy and be geared towards a healthier you. It is definitely possible to fit working out and cooking healthy into a routine. You have to make the extra effort and step outside of that comfort zone while most are not willing to do so when the day is long enough as it is.” said, Dominic Duarte, 22,  history.

Duarte also said that getting used to the routine of being healthy is an exponential growth, and it definitely requires the extra effort, not to mention the extra energy.

“As much as I want to get in the gym and eat better, school has me stressed out the entire semester, not to mention having to work a part time job,” said Tamara Pearl, age 24 attending Cerritos College and currently undeclared. “At the end of the day I am just too tired and I still have to deal with endless reading and homework assignments.”

Pearl also thinks that most students would like to better themselves but school and jobs sometimes just do not allow enough time.

“I prep my meals at the beginning of every week in order to not have those unhealthy cravings. Eating bad is influential when healthy food is not available so in order to never be tempted you must always be prepared.” said, Alex Lemus, 22, business.

Lemus had also said when you don’t have time to prep your meals you can always make the healthier choice by choosing something such as Subway or Flame Broiler. He believes getting your veggies and protein is an important part of a daily diet.

“My favorite part of the day is getting in the gym and releasing stress. I wear my gym clothes to school and use the school gym on my breaks in between classes which allows me plenty of time to burn some fat,” said Marc Torres, 21 former student of Cypress College, now majoring in accounting at Cal State University of Fullerton.

Torres also said, “The school gym is open to students for usage, so why not use it during long breaks.”

Will Ha, age 28, former alumni of Cypress College and current graduate of Cal State University of Long Beach, is a personal trainer at Train2Shape Physcial Therapy in Los Alamitos.

“Meal preps save me! I enjoy food just like most people and it is okay to indulge every now and then, but maintaining a healthy body is important. You only get one so why not treat it right,” Ha said.

He also said that training three to five times a week is great for you, and that eating right on those off days are even more crucial. Ha believes and knows that changing routine is hard but in the end it is worth it for a happier you.

College students lives can be hectic and busy but in the end many students believe taking care of your body is important.


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