Student Life: Bizarre Family Traditions

Every family has that unique or bizarre family tradition they every holiday season.

Ryan Peters isn't too happy to hold his lunch pail.

Ryan Peters isn’t too happy to hold his lunch pail.

On November 26, students at Cypress College were asked to share their crazy and unique family tradition. Ryan Peters, a new student at Cypress College, was asked if he had any bizarre tradition. “Well, it’s not so much a family tradition. But when I was junior high school we went to SeaWorld and my uncle accidently got me a kid’s meal.”

Ryan continued to talk about how he hated this lunch pail that held his meal. “Anyways, every year my dad and my uncle decided it would be funny to wrap one of my Christmas gifts in it. I hate that thing so much!” He went saying how every year he could tell which present was in the kid’s meal. He explained that the bucket was oddly shaped and was easy to tell the difference between the other gifts.

Daniel Cabuay, Communications Studies Major, shared a very interesting story about the food served during Thanksgiving. He talked about how his family would bring a variety of food such as Filipino food and turkey and so forth. “Then my aunt, every Thanksgiving, she brings three boxes of Domino’s pizza.”

When asked why she brought pizza, he said, “My aunt came straight from the Philippines and you couldn’t get everything you wanted. So for Thanksgiving, she buys three boxes of pizza. One topped with mushrooms, one with pepperoni, and one cheese pizza.” He said that pizza is what she was thankful for, so that’s why she bought pizza every Thanksgiving.

Cypress student Daniel Ly.

Cypress student Daniel Ly.

Bizarre and strange could mean several things.  Julian Ly, student, has an interesting way of celebrating not just one holiday but two holidays. “The only thing weird or bizarre I could think of is the fact that my dad is Jewish and my mom is Catholic. So we kinda celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. That’s the only thing I could really think of.”

When the students shared their stories they laughed about it. They enjoyed sharing their stories. Whether it is wrapping a gift in a special way or showing up to a Thanksgiving party with pizza instead of turkey, every family has their weird tradition.

Featured Image: Daniel Cabuay questions his aunt’s choices.



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