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  • A Case for The Most Important Meal of The Day

    Students are told growing up that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but is that still valid among college students today?

  • Tools of the Trade

    Ceramicist and veteran Ehren Tool exhibits his creative art style with the students of Cypress College at art exhibition and workshop.

  • Horror on LSD- A “Mandy” Review

    Since his directorial and screenplay debut in 2010 entitled Beyond the Black Rainbow, Italian-Canadian director Panos Cosmatos had a limited released of his new project, Mandy, on...

  • World Fest, Taste Buds Put to the Test

    Associated Students hosted this Fall semesters World Fest event Nov. 7, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in which students could get a taste...

  • Immersion through Nostalgia: Mid90s Review

    Jonah Hill's introduction into film making as a first time director has allowed him to showcase a compelling and thought provoking coming of age tale....

  • The Man Behind The Association

    Booths were set up along the Pond bridge, It was the first day of the Welcome Back Week event here at Cypress College when Robert...

  • New Veteran’s Resource Center, New Pond

    Winter is coming, and with it: change. Serious talk regarding a new location for the Veterans’ Resource Center has occurred on campus since 2016; as...

  • Inside the Health Care Services

    The Cypress College Health Services Center is a campus facility that offers resources for many of the prevailing issues on campuses.

  • Homelessness and Hunger: An Issue on The Rise

    All things aren’t exactly sunny in California, especially for students pursuing their college education while trying to simply survive and make ends meet- food insecurity...

  • Police Say September Sexual Assault Report “Unfounded”

    The first sexual assault report of 2018 has since been determined by police to be "unfounded."