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  • First Sexual Assault of 2018 Reported to Campus Safety

    The first sexual assault to happen on campus in 2018 was reported on Sept. 28, with the incident occurring on Aug. 31 near the drop-off...

  • Inside Club Rush 2018

    An inside look at the various clubs Cypress College has to offer.

  • Album Review- “Negro Swan” by Blood Orange

    Over the summer of 2018, Devonte Hynes, the English born, leading composer, cellist, pianist, and artist behind the musical group Blood Orange, released two tracks...

  • Stargazing by the Pond

    Witnessing our many distant planets isn’t always feasible, but with Professor Frey’s weekly free observations on Wednesdays by the Cypress College pond, every student has...

  • Sylvia Mendez Brings the Spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month to Cypress College

    Civil Rights Activist Sylvia Mendez speaks to the students of Cypress College about what her family achieved to end desegregation in schools and encourages students...

  • A Million Things and More for the Future of the Aviation Program

    The evolving career path at Cypress College’s Aviation program has recently been able to become more accessible to students through an anonymous donation of one...

  • 2001: Revisited

    A critique of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey on its 50th anniversary.

  • The Academy Initiative

    The Academy makes serious changes that could possibly save the ceremony but lose respect of some.

  • Fifteen Home Runs for the Chargers

    Charger baseball players move on to further their sports careers, a few attending NCAA Division 1 schools.

  • Time to Hit the Clubs… the Right Way!

    Come check out what clubs on campus you might like join and what they have to offer you on your journey here at Cypress!