Successful Drive: Vets’ Club collects 138 blankets

“I’m pretty happy with the turn out. Every semester we do a different drive. This year I knew it was going to be a pretty cold winter, so I felt it was important we did something for homelessVets and that’s where the blanket idea came from,” says Christy Davis, veteran supporter and lead coordinator of blanket drive.

The vets have also received a donation of 15 backpacks filled with hygienic products from Orange County Drop Zone.¬† Blankets and backpacks will be distributed at the Veteran’s Stand Down held in Wilmington on Saturday Dec. 7 from 10-2pm.

Delroy Smith, Veteran who served 17 years in the military, also a coordinator of the drive said, “I think it’s an awesome turn out, we even had people put food in some of the boxes, even though it was a blanket drive. I believe people meant good by it. Over all I think it was pretty good successful. If anything, we could have had the boxes out on campus earlier in the month of November. Next time we will advertise more in advance.”

However, as one can see in the video, a lot of collective  planning did go into the drive.


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