Next Gen System Face-Off

According to the official Sony press release, the new Playstation 4 system broke the previous record for a midnight system release of 980,000 in Japan, by selling over one million units within the first 24 hours in the United States and Canada. Following this success for Sony, Microsoft experienced their biggest sell with the worldwide launch of the Xbox One system. Like the PS4, the Xbox One sold over one million units breaking their previous record for the Xbox 360 and setting a new record for Microsoft.


Playstation 4 System provided by Billy Zelaya

However, the similarities for these two next gen systems ends there with the amount of units sold. Although, the Xbox One system did sell over a million units; they only achieved this by launching in thirteen markets. As reported by the Xbox website, this system launch has caused most retailers to sell out, and they are working hard to replenish stock as quickly as they can.

        Even though the Xbox One launched after the November 15 PS4 launch date, the Sony System had already pulled ahead. The PS4 reached their one million sales in only the United States and Canada unlike the Xbox One, which sold worldwide. To continue their success, Sony still has another launch coming up in Europe and Latin America on the 29th of November where they expect to remain strong in their sales.


The success for both systems however, doesn’t come without its little bugs or kinks. A system like these is bound to have its glitches upon release; and now a days it could be seen as something we can all expect. Upon its release, the PS4 was reported to have it’s own version of the Xbox 360’s red ring, and was dubbed “the blue ring of death” by unsatisfied customers. Sony has pointed out that less than one percent of the units sold are defective. It has been reported that a hardware failure is causing the system to lock up and preventing it from reaching the home screen after a blue light flashes at the top of the system.

Xbox One System provided by Billy Zelaya

The Xbox One however, does not remain unscathed in this battle of the next gen systems. Upon the release of this system reports came in about it having it’s own hardware failures. The issue for this system comes up when players attempt to insert a disc into the drive. Once inserted the system will make a clicking or grinding noise upon which the disc is unreadable. Unlike Sony though, Microsoft has not given an official number of the systems affected by this hardware failure having only said that a small number of users have been affected by it.

The Verdict:

With both systems having their own success in sales they aren’t without their own unique little problems. So to say that one system was more successful than the other is only applicable when it comes to a certain category. In sales, Sony has beaten Microsoft seeing as how they sold over one million within 24 hours of it’s release and still has another launch date in the month. Within the hardware, they both have glitches, but which is more severe than the other? And which has been affected more? Until Microsoft releases an actual number as to the percentage of systems affected it seems like this verdict will remain undeclared.

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