Grand Theft Auto 5: Can’t stop, Won’t stop… Selling games


Rockstar Entertainment breaks records making over a billion dollars in sales within the first two months with it’s newest release Grand Theft Auto V. (Photo from Rockstar Games)



Once again Take-Two Interactive Software, or better known as Rockstar Games,has surpassed a record in sales  these past two months. Rockstar games made over 1 billion dollars in the first 3 days of sales from Grand Theft Auto 5, this was by far the biggest entertainment launch in history as mentioned by Forbes Magazine.
In comparison, Call of Duty franchise has sold over 1 billion copies as well but only to retailers. Bryan Morales, 22, a cashier from a local Cypress GameStop said, “This is the biggest line we have ever seen outside of the store for a midnight game release. It really amazes me what people will do for a game. Two months later and people still keep asking for GTAV when there has been other game releases.”
Take-Two Interactive, the founder of Rockstar Games, has now sold over 29 million copies of GTAV and still hopes to sell more copies in the upcoming holiday season according to
Grand Theft Auto V lets the player roam around a world and control a character to complete  missions and heists throughout the story line. Even though the game has some controversial missions and events, it still has a very entertaining story line. One mission caused some commotion because the characters water-board a prisoner, which is a form of torture. Some other missions include robbing banks, stealing cars, and killing CEO’s from certain companies to affect the stock market. Yes, you heard that, there’s a stock market in the game. Kyle, a 23-year-old  student from Cypress college stood in line for hours waiting for the midnight release of the game. “I’ve been waiting for about 6 hours so I can be one of the first one to get the game. I’m calling in sick tomorrow so I can play it all day.”
“I still haven’t been able to put the game down, i already passed it but what i like most is that there is several different ways you can pass missions and there’s alternate endings.” says another fan of the series, Andrew Godinez, 23, a Organic Chemistry major.
Overall, the past two months have been great to Rockstar games and its fans. Another local gamer and student from Cypress College, Isaac Cortez, 22, Engineering major says, “This is by far my favorite video game to date. The vast amount of things one can do in the game is unreal.”

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