Trust the Trustees? [Video]


Can we really trust the board of trustees? With teachers taking more than a full percent decrease in an off scheduled pay raise the question of trust is not being asked but demanded by teachers, students, and faculty alike. The money is instead being spent to hire a new vice chancellor. The salary for teachers has been far behind the cost of living for the past 7 years and during the Tuesday meeting speaker after speaker presented their outrages and deep concerns about how the board must think about their employees. Nearly every speaker had the same conclusion, “I do not feel valued.”

Not only was value questioned, but the fact of whether or not the board respects its teachers was also a common concern. Many argued that the money being spent to hire a new vice chancellor was foolish and could easily pay for much needed classes as well as a scheduled pay raise that many have deemed a myth of ever happening.

The teachers at both Cypress and Fullerton College, as well as the School of Continuing Education, say that they have worked hard toward achieving goals such as pushing to pass Prop 30, a tax designed to help fund schools, as well as meet SLO standards yet these same teachers do not feel the board is returning the effort. Instead many believe the board is publicly disrespecting their subordinates and showing a lack of integrity.


The video above shows highlights of the board meeting, as well as teachers from different colleges voicing their opinions.

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