Holiday shopping ushers in joy, anxiety, long nights

The start of the Holiday shopping season is just around the corner, with many national retailers opening their doors beginning Thursday evening November 23rd.

The Christmas season is what shoppers call it; It’s an informal name for all the people who celebrate this activity in the United States. According to the New York Times, Christmas shopping is one of the busiest shopping seasons around especially when it comes to supper Saturday, the last saturday before christmas. This is the day for last minute shopping, and you will see a lot of big one day sales.  

To all the shoppers who started on black friday it’s going to be a long shopping season, but for some people who have to work this holiday season, it’s the start of a dreadful night!

Rickeyva Foster a kinesiology major here at cypress who works in retail at Target stated “ It’s going to be a long season for people who works in retail, not only at target but worldwide. She said “ I knew what I was getting into” said Foster it’s an entitlement that comes with this job but only its going to be much crazier because it’s Black Friday.” This is going to be her first time working retail during this  holiday season.

The NRF survey reported  that stores would hire between 500,000 seasonal workers this season, which means more workers more sales.

“Online sales are the best” according  to The Balance, The national retail federation estimated that 108.5 million american shopped online over the long weekend that kicks off the holiday shopping season in earnest, well the 99.1 million who hit the stores early.” Since the year of 2016 the holiday season sales statistics had a 0.9% increase, each shopper is estimated to spend $ 967.13 this year which totals to $682.0 billion dollars for every penny spent, No wonder why a lot of retailers like Walmart, Target, K-mart, etc are opening their door early.

If your planning to go Christmas shopping this year here are a few pointers to help you shop successfully: Make sure you know what stores you’re going in, write a list for all the items you need, shop with friends, a lot of friends. On a side note have a back up plan, with the number of people going in the store there will be instances where you will not find the item you want. If you’re a person who doesn’t like crowded areas its best to Shop online.

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