Chargers facing Mental Health issues

Here at Cypress, a lot of students are suffering from an epidemic of mental health illness. Mental health is a big issue that students face while in school and in the world. The severity of mental illness can range from the minor and easy to deal with, to the major and crippling. Students who are affected by these issues here on campus have made complaints that it is hard for them to learn, and that it has made them think about dropping out.

Haleigh Byeres a 19-year-old Theater major here at Cypress suffers from Anxiety and Depression. Haleigh described her issues dealing with Anxiety and how it makes it hard for her to stay in school.  “It makes me not want to go to class,” said Byeres “I’ve almost dropped out so many times, and I always save my homework until the last minute.” “I don’t study. I cram everything in right before.” According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students. 41.6% are affected, followed by a 36.4 % of students dealing with depression.

Another student here at cypress suffers from a mental health condition called ‘Obsessive-compulsive disorder’ or (OCD). Kenneth Perez a 19-year-old music major stated “One way it affects me in college is it’s really hard for me to focus in class. Sometimes, depending on the type of teaching environment.” said Kenneth. “For example acting is easy is easy to pay attention since we’re constantly moving and expressing physically.”

For students like Haleigh and Kenneth who struggle with mental health, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Cypress College has a support system called Disability Support Services (D.S.S.). Summer Justice is one of the individuals who works in the DSS office and said they “provide great services for students with mental health, and that you’re not the only one who is facing this issue here on campus.” If you don’t know where to go to or who to talk to, seek help at Disability Support Services here on campus located next to the Financial Aid office, it’s better late than never to get help!

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