Wednesdays We Wear Whaaat… Fall Fashion

Fashionable Fall Outfits

Fashionable Fall Outfits


On this weeks episode of, “Wednesdays We Wear Whaaat…”, Sara hit up the school campus on Wednesday looking for fashionable people making fall fashion statements.  She met a couple of students accessorizing with aviators, leather backpacks, scarfs and jewelry. While walking out on the quad Sara spotted the first two fashionable people of the day, 19-year-old Dental hygiene major Deanna Roubedeaux and 19-year-old Dance major Jayvee Valenzuela. These two fashioned off their favorite outfits as Deanna was wearing a floral print shirt, blue cardigan, olive jeans and brown boots.  Jayvee was rocking his Aviators along with a maroon sweater, olive jacket, black skinny jeans and black boots and accessorizing his leather black backpack.  Next, Sara found 20-year-old Nursing major Hillary Pinzon studying in the Hum building wearing shimmer leggings along with a long-sleeve crop top and cheetah print scarf with her hair beautifully curled. The last fashionable outfits of the day were worn by 18-year-old Nursing major Olga Monzon and 18-year-old Political Science major Alice Salais.  Both were wearing their favorite comfort clothes for the fall season.  Olga was wearing an olive jacket and ripped jeans and a messy bun while Alice was styling a white cardigan over a blue button up and her hair braided.  The favorite accessory of the day was everyone’s boots.  Everyone had on boots whether they were tall or short, black, dark brown or light brown everyone was rocking their favorite pair of boots.


Hey y’all it’s Sara Rae, I hoped you loved my fashion finds of the week. Which was your favorite fall fashion find of the week?  I absolutely love shopping and I love finding and creating the best outfits to be fashionable in!  My newest favorite store to go shopping at is The G Stage at the Long Beach Town Center! Have you been there yet?  If not you should definitely check them out ASAP!  But of course I love shopping at Forever 21 at the Cerritos Mall and Nordstrom Rack at the Block of Orange.  My outfit in the picture from above in the top right corner is bought from three different stores.  My black and gray long sleeve is from The G Stage, the maroon scarf is from Forever 21, the skinny jeans (which are my favorite pair of jeans) are from Hollister and then of course my favorite pair of brown boots are from Nordstrom Rack.  Stay tuned for next week when I hit up the campus again on Wednesday looking for more fashionable people of the week! And don’t forget check out your local clothing stores, whether it’s a hole in the wall or at the mall they have great findings and sometimes even cheaper prices than name brand stores! See y’all next Wednesday for Wednesdays We Wear Whaaat…


Here’s a few of my favorite fashion finds from my Pinterest Board.  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest at

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