A Truly Horrifying Sequel

Nothing makes horror movies more terrifying than the fact that it could be possibly be real. This was true in the case of the horrifying 2013 smash hit, The Conjuring, which is about the true case of Ed and Lorraine Warren who are world-renowned paranormal investigators. The movie tells the story about their case with the Perron family who after having moved into a new house are haunted by an evil force.


Annabelle Doll From The Conjuring

It is said that this was their most terrifying case ever, however the beginning of the movie starts of with their retelling of one their previous cases involving a doll that was being used by demonic force. Although the doll used in the movie was embellished for terror, its name remained the same Annabelle, the same name for the highly anticipated horror movie coming next year.

Not much has been revealed about the movie except that it is a spin off to the conjuring and has an expected release date for October 3rd 2014. This past Friday, July 18th 2014 the first trailer for Annabelle was released, revealing a little back-story to the demonic doll. It shows, a couple bringing it into their home without a care in the world. Soon after, misfortune strikes and it seems as if the couple is attacked by a couple of psychos. Not sure if it’s extremely bad luck or the creepy doll has something to do with it.

Not much can be said about the film yet without information about the plot to the movie, but the trailer sure makes us cringe in horror and anticipation.

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