The Creeper Returns

It has been thirteen long years since horror movie Jeepers Creepers made its debut on the big screen. And for several years now, its third installment has been in the works. The first movie of the series is set with brother and sister Trish and Darry who go on the run after witnessing a mysterious figure dumping bodies down a drainpipe. The figure turns out to be a flesh-eating creature only referred to as The Creeper.

Trish & Darry

Gina Philips and Justin Long as Trish & Darry

With the help of a psychic they come to realize that the Creeper is on its ritualistic sort of feeding binge for 23 days before it goes dormant for 23 years. In the end, *spoiler alert*, the Creeper manages to capture Darry and flies off with him; it is later revealed that he has in fact killed Darry.

The second installment begins four or so says after the first when the Creeper is on its final days. Terrorizing a farmer and some high school kids on their way home from a football tournament. After years of back and forth discussions about the third installments have finally given out a hazy yes for the production of Jeepers Creepers Cathedral.

Although the details aren’t exactly clear as to the release date of the film it is expected to release sometime in 2015. However, the plot seems to be in the clear revealing that it will be a direct sequel to the first one although it involves some characters from the second film.

The movie will be set 23 years later with returning character Trish who now has a son named Darry after her late brother. Having nightmares that he too will be taken by the Creeper she sets out with Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. to try and destroy the Creeper once and for all. The movie is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

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