Do Students Know Where The Lost And Found Is Located?


Eric Mutter,19, Finding a valuable item on the ground.


 Have you ever found an item on the ground around Cypress College, and say to yourself “Ok now, where is the lost and found?”

“I’ve found earphones on the ground”. Says Victor Sanchez, 19. “But, I do not know where the lost and found is at, that’s a good question.”

A statical survey done by the Cypress Chronicle  was conducted and 50 students were asked if they knew where the lost and found was located at. 44 students answered “No”.

“I found one time a wallet with money it, I felt really bad because I wanted to go to a lost and found, instead I turned into a janitor, I just hope he turned it in.” says Michael Ragas, 20, a Cypress Student.

The lost and found is located at Campus Safety. Silvia Dominguez, a worker at the lost and found said, “Students normally turn in items to nearby buildings, which is fine because all items get turned into us from there. The number doesn’t shock me but student today are very kind and just turn in items to nearby faculties. ”

What happens if somebody does turn in an item to the lost and found, how long will it stay there for?

Silvia said, “At the the moment there wont but if it becomes a huge issue, then Campus Safety will improvise.”

According to CypressCollege.Edu: The Lost and Found Service is operated by the Campus Safety Department. All items that are turned in by Campus Safety will be kept for 90 days. Exceptions include: hazardous materials, credit cards or other items that require special handling.

“If items are not picked up within the 90 days, Campus Safety will donate the items to a local charity.” said Silvia. (who said this?)

If you do find a valuable item on the ground, please turn it in to a local facility, or to the lost and found, which is located on Campus Safety near the Business building. If you find something out of the ordinary please call (714) 484-7387 Campus Safety or look for a faculty member near you.


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