A.S Sticker Gives Free Printing, Biz Discounts

Students can print their term paper for almost free.

Students get free printing and the use of a computer at the Associated Students Center – if they have the Cypress College Associated Students Card Sticker.  One who purchases the sticker can print the first five copies free. It costs 5 cents per page after.

But wait, that’s not all!

Students also get:

  • representation in Sacramento
  • free food
  • money for clubs
  • student events
  • guest speakers
  • discounts from local businesses

It costs $7. But Jocelyn Zaragoza, the associated students president, said students also receive “pencils, green and blue books, coffee, Scantrons, and snacks during finals week.”

The president also said, “Kids should buy the associated students sticker, because it benefits associated students.”

David Okawa is advisor to associated students. “Associate students sponsors (student government representatives) when they go to conferences, workshops, and different student gatherings.”

Because of students buying the sticker, clubs gets funds and grants. Each club gets two grants of $200 each, $400  total.

A.S. is also planning to get a deal with food services at the Chargers Cafe, said Okawa.  The cafe would offer small discounts for food purchases for students with the sticker on their Cypress College I.D card.

However, some students want more.

“If students who bought the associated students sticker received certain benefits like priority registration, first to get their transcripts, then yes – $7 would seem reasonable, but as college students, we already have to pay for books and tuition at this institution with our own money so for some it seems unreasonable,” said John Nguyen, undecided major.

“For some students, $7 is too expensive because some people live day to day.”

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