Students being hurt by divorce

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Divorce. The seven letters that nobody wants to ever here.

Divorce now is more common than ever. It is one of the saddest and hardest situations for any person to go through especially if kids are involved. Divorces can happen at any age young or older families. The pain of divorce can also, still effect younger adults. Students having to deal with their parents going through a divorce not only changes their whole world, but can mess up their schooling.

Students who are content with their family life and having that torn apart right in the middle of their school semester can throw one for a loop. The day to day stress of being caught in the middle can only distract one from schools daily priorities. Grades start to take a tole and next thing that happens is failing grades are near. Most parents don’t realize that even younger adults ages 18 through 25 still feel the heartbreak of a divorce. The simple fact that one is looked at as an adult doesn’t mean one can cope with their own feelings of loss. Students stiil need their parents at the end of the day for moral and financial support. Here are some tips on staying on track with school when dealing with divorce:

1. Don’t choose sides. The only way to help parents get through a divorce is to just simply be there for both of them. By choosing sides it can involve oneself in the divorce and put a strain on the relationship between parents. Staying mutual is the best bet, if anything worry about only one person, oneself.

Amanda Juarez, 22, communication major, said, “I only receive support to continue school from my mom” struggling to get through the semester, “It’s hard. But having the support of at least one parent helps.”

2. Apply for financial Aid or Governors Fee Waiver. Divorce can be messy and can involve alot of money. Most Parents are not able to support a students school while going through a tough divorce. It can put a damper on a students financial stability. That doesn’t mean quitting school should be an option. There are many different ways to get financial help through school. Board of Governers Fee (BOG) is easy to receive, just apply online and afer answering a few easy questions one can be eligible for financial help. The BOG Fee covers all of school tuition except for the parking pass and Student Fees. The Financial Aid office is open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to noon. For more information call, (714)-484-7114.

Lizzette Negrete, 22, history major, said, “My parents divorce happened when I was young so I wasn’t really affected by it. Financially it helped in her favor, “I was able to qualify for FASFA since only one of my parents supported me financially.”

3. Stay strong. Staying strong for oneself can be tough while having to endure a parents divorce. Keeping a positive attitude will only benefit one in the long run. Try to channel all that anger and hurt into getting through school. Coming out on top and finishing the semester with a high G.P.A can be a great accomplishment for oneself.

4. Getting through the Holidays. The holidays can be a tough time and a constant reminder of ones parents divorce. Having to choose which side of the family to visit can be a toss up. Trying to make time for both parents is important, giving equal times. Don’t make it hard on oneself visit eachside and share that holiday cheer and trying to set aside differences, for the holidays are at time for families to come together.

Juliann Molina, 18, said “This will be the first Christmas spent without my parents together. It feels very weird not being all together. I hate the fact that I have to choose who I am going to be with on holidays.”

Divorce is here and its not going anywhere. If anything, it’s going up in statistics. The one thing to keep in mind is that in the end it will all be over and time will heal all wounds. Students need to stay positive and keep a mindset of only worrying about oneself. Don’t let the probelms between parents affect school or daily life. Live life and be happy.

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