Are you on the road to graduation?

Most students that begin college do not get a degree or transfer to a four year university.

According to a study done by Bowie State University in Maryland, less than two-thirds of those who start college in America finish.

Why is it that this happens?

Most students are simply overwhelmed by taking too many course. Especially by trying to complete the golden four which are Math, English, Communications, and Critical Thinking. Out of the golden four, most students drop their English classes according to

graduation day

graduation day for Cypress College students. Photo from

“The first mistake I made was taking too many courses. I was taking 15 units and ended up completing nine by the end of the semester,” says Angie Montoya, 23 year sociology major. “I thought it would have been similar to high school but it really wasn’t. You really need to take college seriously.”

What needs to be done in order to have a better passing rate for English college students?

The answer would be fairly simple: make students take an English 58 course so they can get a better studying and writing habits. Students take placement tests and many place higher but once it comes down to English 60 or 100 course, they are lost and don’t know what to do.

Most English, Journalism, and Communications professors do not want students that are not qualified or have satisfactory writing skills.

“I don’t want them in Global Media because they can’t write,” says Robert Mercer, a Journalism professor at Cypress College.

The whole point of having them take a mandatory English course is to have them see what school and writing is really about.

Students quit because they get discouraged by the amount of work they have to do, or class is just too hard for them.

“I placed into English 58,” mentioned Romel Salvaterra, 22, an Accounting major at Cypress College. “The class payed off and now I’m finishing my English 103 course.”

A method to try and get students to be more school oriented  is to try and have them take a mandatory English 58 course which will  get them prepared to transfer or graduate.

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