#1 Distraction in Class


While the professor is lecturing, students have laptops and cell phones out

A major concern about how technology can affect a students performance in class is evident with the emergence of digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Cypress College has a no electronics policy that all professors must enforce unless given prior permission from the instructor is given according to their policies and guidelines.

“I use my phone in class when I’m bored,” says William Cortez, 22, who’s majoring in Engineering at Cypress. “Even though my professor enforces that rule, most of the students use their phones in class.”

Usually, if a student is caught using their phone they get a warning. If they continue to use it, professors will usually kick them out of class.

“I usually kick out 1 or 2 on occasion because they’re on their phone,” said Cypress College professor Craig Goralski. “It seems that it’s an addiction now a days.”

The question is, are students really addicted to their cell phones? Or are they just trying to find an excuse not to pay attention?

Based on a studies by edutopia.org, using cell phones in class is not only a distraction, but may be a minor addiction as well. The most avid phone users were in the 18-24 year old age range which is the average age for students attending Cypress College.

“I only use my phone when there’s a break or when the teacher turns around,” says Jacqueline Montenegro, 22, Psychology major. “A simple looking at the time turns into  i got a text.

With constant cell phone use during class, should cell phone use be a penalty on the grading curriculum?

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