Pull for Cypress Campaign

Pull for Cypress Campaign is an annual event where faculty and staff are invited to donate to Cypress College in order to help fund the hopes and dreams of the students. “We focus and acknowledge on the faculty and staff that donate to Cypress College,” said executive director Raul Alvarez.

Pull for Cypress Campaign started late October and went on through December 4th. ” Over two-hundred people donated this year,” Alvarez said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the highest in the state.”

The annual event kicked off a little late this year because Alvarez wanted to be sure that the Title V opportunity was properly advertised. Title V is a government program that matches the money donated through it, doubling the value donated.

At the close of this Pull for Cypress Campaign season, over $50,000 in donations was collected from Cypress College faculty and staff.

“That total is before what Title V will give us.” Alvarez said. ” Over 60 of those that donated were from people who were either first time donors or had increased their donations from last year. We have increased the number of donors each year for the past 10 years. If we are going to do the same, we’ll need 215 donors–we are at 154, which is 72%. (Of course the real goal is to support our students!)”

For the faculty that donates at least $1,000 to Pull for Cypress Campaign they get to join the President’s Circle. Alvarez was happy to announce that there is 15 members this year.

Though this season is officially over donations will still be accepted and counted towards the total. The official web site is http://www.cypresscollege.edu/about/Foundation/Campaigns/PullforCypress.aspx.

“It is truly impressive how much the faculty and staff give.” said Alvarez.  “The level of donation really characterizes the faculty and staff as people that support student success, and is indicative of the type of people that work here.”

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