Long Beach Bike Fest

Long Beach Bike Fest raises money to support a bike friendly city.

Downtown Long Beach hosts bike fest on Saturday May 3, to provide awareness to being one of the most bike friendly cities in Southern California. The event ran from 2 to 11 p.m. with free admission.

The city of Long Beach has raised money over the years in providing bike paths, making it safer for bikers to get around and providing an alternate means of transportation. With skyrocketing gas prices, Long Beach is creating a means for locals to get around town without wasting gas.

Bicycles are very popular in Long Beach, and many Long Beach businesses and restaurants have bike stations outside of their front doors. Sweet Jill’s has a bike rack that sits outside that is in the shape of a red cupcake, signifying their famous red velvet cupcakes.

“Bike Fest is very popular,” said Sierra Smith, a Long Beach resident. “It is a huge event that gathers Long Beach locals as well as those who are simply just interested in bicycles and bicycles safety in the City of Long Beach, as well as neighboring cities.”

Smith said, “Bike Fest brings people who are extremely serious about biking, and those who just like to cruise around. It brings people together and shows support in being able to bike around and save on gas when possible.”

The Festival holds many races that everyone can participate in, and various tours throughout Long Beach. Maps were also handed out to those who were a part of the event, to show various streets and bike routes that are the most bike friendly in the city.

Allison Garcia, a 21 year old communications major, said, “Bike Fest is a fun place to meet new people and learn about the local bike friendly area, it’s interesting to see how bikes sometimes match personalities, it’s definitely an event ill come back to again .”

Contests were also held for the most decorated bikes, to the fastest, and everything in between. Nathan Fox, a 28 year old engineering major, said, “I’ve lived in Long Beach for 5 years. I enjoy all of the festivities, but Bike Fest is by far my favorites. I really enjoy seeing the different bikes that people have and watching the different races and contests.”

Because of events such as bike fest, the City of Long beach has definitely become a much more bike friendly city. The streets of Belmont Shore now have specific lanes on the right hand side that are painted green, these lanes are where bikers are encouraged to ride along with traffic. If bikers are caught by police officers outside of these specific bike lanes, they are given a fine. These fines also encourage bikers to ride alongside cars, creating a safer environment.

This years bike best provides not only Long Beach locals with some summer entertainment, but also shows support in Long Beach for being one of the most bike friendly cities around, providing safe transportation for everyone.


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