Inside Look: Comm 138 – Forensics

Having trouble finding a one or two unit class to get full time status? Take a look at Comm 138 – Forensics.

According to the Cypress class schedule, “this course is designed to prepare students to participate in intercollegiate speech competition. May be taken for credit 2 times.”

Nancy Escobedo

Nancy Escobedo

It is that and more: it helps students become better public speakers.

“One of my biggest fears is public speaking so I learned how to combat my fear and speak to an audience without shaking or freaking out,” said Nancy Escobedo 20, nursing. “Since I am pursuing a career in the medical field, forensics taught me how to turn confusing scientific terms into a simple manner, where the average person can understand.”

Forensics teaches a wide variety of skills, such as public speaking, communicating effectively, and even argumentation. In Forensics, students will compete in several events during the semester. At these events, students will compete with other college forensics teams in a variety of events. These events include informative speech, persuasive speech, impromptu speech, dramatic interpretation, poetry interpretation, speech and debate, and much more.

In class, students will present and practice their events. After presenting, students are given advice from students and both forensics coaches Lianna Koeppel and Mark Dorrough.

Students have all semester to practice and perfect their speeches. Gaining practice by participating in competitions, at home, in class, and one on one time with Koeppel or Dorrough.

“I believe that participating in Forensics is the most important thing you can do in college,” said Koeppel, “The activity provides a way to develop research, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way.”

Terri Boddie

Terri Boddie

There are many skills that can be learned in Forensics. “Being on a team helps students learn about working with others, commitment, dedicationand perseverance,” said Koeppel, “and, of course, being an ‘award winning speaker’ doesn’t hurt when applying to colleges and for jobs in the future. Forensics sets you apart from the crowd.”

The Forensics team competed in several competitions this Fall season, traveling as far as San Diego and as close as California State University Long Beach.

“Overall, I liked it. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone. It was a new experience meeting new types of people, because I’m always around athletes or musicians,” said Teri Boddie, 21, Communications.

Comm 138, Forensics, is an open enrollment class, meaning students are able to join the class at any time, even if the spring semester has started. Forensics is held on Tuesdays at 2:40 p.m. in the Humanities building, room 106.

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