Getty Villa Field Trip

Eniglish 110,Humanities Ancient to Medieval, went to the Getty Villa on November 21, 2013 as a required field trip.

“The field Trip happens every year. It is good to get out to the art,” Melanie Nabahoni, the professor of Humanities 110, said, “The students need to see the art in person and really experience the art.” The class is about more than just a survey of art and culture; the students should have fun and positive experience with art.

Olivia Cody, 21, English major, poses with a statue.

Olivia Cody, 21, English major, poses with a statue.

Olivia Cody, 21, English, said the Villa “moves you to hug architecture.”

“Being able to walk around the art and to do it with friends was a real bonding experience. The whole thing was very moving,” Cody said.

Nabahoni said, “Something that I don’t mention but happens every year is friendships that last years…during these trips.” The trip up the coast is a bonding experience, especially since carpooling is strongly recommended.

Every year students are left with only good memories. “The most exciting thing is walking around and over hearing great conversations about the art.” Nabahoni said.

Colby Gott, 27 said the Getty Villa is a great experience. “Just to see the Garden alone is worth the trip.” said Gott. “It was raining and when you go through the arch out to the gardens the sun came out and the plants were glisinning it was incredible.

English 111  also goes on a trip. “Hunting Library and Gardens,” said Nabahoni. “they have the Gutenberg bible in there collection.”

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