Holidays at work mean Holiday work parties

The pencil skirt is perfect basic that can be played up with accessories

The pencil skirt is perfect basic that can be played up with accessories. From Forever21. $22.80


Festive accessories are perfect for the office.

Festive accessories are perfect for the office.

Christmas is around the corner, and within the next to weeks there will be an influx of parties happening from personal house parties to work parties. Sometimes work parties extend away from the office and the lines on what is acceptable and what is not start to blur. But Cychron is here to guide the way.

Should you not go to office parties all together? Natalie Fernandez, 20, nursing major here at Cypress, said yes.

“I avoid them. We have a Christmas party but I’m not gonna go. Everyone is much older.”

Some might avoid work parties with fear of gossip or boredom but work provide an opportunity for mingling.

“It’s a great idea to participate in company parties during the holidays. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond. The same office rules still apply if the function is held outside or in the work place”, said Viviana Villanueva, Cypress counselor and her colleague Deann Burch, career center coordinator, who collaborative answered work etiquette questions.

Passing around eggnog with coworkers is festive but passing around the whiskey is another story. Whether you can drink with a coworker “depends on the coworker, depends on a lot of things, if company policy says it’s okay”, said my colleague Christian Ray, 23, Theater major.

Villanueva and Burch said, when it comes to drinking with your coworkers, “It’s important to review the company policy regarding this issue, always be mindful that you are connected to your co-workers first on a professional level.” If it can be avoided, pass on the drinks.

Although there is wiggle with a few trusted work friends, it is a good idea to keep in mind that there is room for judgment if things get out of hand. Reputations are important in the work place.

Dressing for holiday parties is fun but it has to be tweaked a bit when it comes to work parties. Elizabeth Figueroa, 19, diagnostic medical sonography, will keep it casual with some jeans, a formal shirt, and some heels. The heels will add a feminine feel to a basic chic outfit.

Villanueva and Burch have some helpful advice for women when it comes to the topic. They advise to, “find a compromise between ‘I’m attractive and sexy’ and ‘take me seriously, I’m a professional’.” Again, it’s a good idea to think of the future and “the image you’ll like your coworkers to retain of you in months to come”, said our trusted counselors.

With any activities involving coworkers an amount of disclosure happens but it should be appropriate and not make your coworkers uncomfortable.  The holidays themselves are good conversation starters. Happy Holidays!

Here are some helpful sites recommend by Villanueva and Burch

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