Health Center Holds Condom Day

The Cypress College health center held an event for National Condom Week this Valentine’s Day, Feb 14.

As students and staff were celebrating Valentine’s Day, the health center was doing their part in preparing them to have a safe weekend. Condom Day was recognized on Feb 14 in order to share knowledge and awareness of STI prevention and resources on the campus. Staff and health educators were present to inform students and provide free condoms in the CCCPLX.

The event was set to host a table full of flyers, pamphlets and resources for students to take from and learn about STIs. Rain prevented the activity from taking to an outside stage, but staff, including registered nurses, mental health counselors, nurse practitioners and health educators, were available to answer questions in the health center office located at the Gym II 1st floor.

Krista Chavez-Camacho, a health educator at Cypress, was able to discuss and answer some questions about Cypress recognizing Condom Day on campus. “This is my first year here running the event but I have done it at other schools,” Krista Chavez-Camacho mentioned, stating she was excited to host the event. Due to rain, the plan of a table outside was canceled but that did not stop her and other staff going out to students- “We started handing out condom pops due to the rain preventing our table.”

“Talking about sex is taboo in our society,” said Krista Chavez-Camacho, whose goal is to educate and inform students and staff on campus about STI prevention and safe sex. Condom Day was an opportunity for more attention to be drawn towards the health department on campus at Cypress. Though sex is an uncomfortable topic to discuss, educators and counselors are on campus to answer any questions and give advice on health issues. “Our goal is to provide information and education, but [also] make it fun.” The condom pops were created in order to take a light hearted approach to condoms and sex, allowing students to more comfortably talk about the topics.

Though the rain prevented the table this year, staff and health educators plan on continuing to recognize this event. “Promote safer sex on campus for our students and staff,” is the mission for the health center and their staff on a daily basis. Condom Day brings attention to this topic but solutions and advice are always offered on campus by health educators and counselors.

Cypress College health staff plans on continuing Condom Day during National Condom Week on campus and remind students they are always available to help students with health concerns and questions.

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