Finals Study Tips, from Cypress College Students

Finals week can make all the difference in a student’s grade, so here are some study tips.

On November 26, Cypress College students were asked to share their tips on how to study for finals or what help them study for finals.

Daniel Kim, 21, said classical music helps him study the most. Daniel mentioned he was in band at Kennedy High School.  Daniel suggested listening to a song called The Plants by English composer, Gustav Holst. “It has some peaceful parts and has some powerful parts. It helps keep you from falling asleep.”

Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim, 21

When asked what is the best way to study, Jasmine Co “J.C.”, jokingly said, “Good question! I’m still trying to that answer.”

she also said, “Looking up answers, study guides, and of course, the interwebs.”

The last student tip comes from Angie Pasmat. She had a different approach to studying for finals. “Talking to people, having study buddies, or knowing people that know the right answers, usually helps me with finals.” She then mentioned that having to people study with helps bounce feedback and opinions about a particular subject or question. Also, asking advice from professors helped her study.

Angie Pasmat

Angie Pasmat thinks of other study tips


There are many different ways to study for finals, according to these students. Each student came up with a different answer. Here is quick list of tips that were mentioned above:

  • Music!
  • Create study guides or ones created by professors
  • Study groups
  • The Internet!
  • And don’t be afraid to ask for help from professors.

Good luck with finals Cypress College Students, hope these student tips were useful!

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