Freshmen First Thoughts: College Experience

On December 4, 2013, freshmen students were asked their opinions and thoughts on their first semester.

Braelyn Garin,18, from Kennedy High School, said this when asked how her first semester of college was, “disappointing.”


Freshman Braelyn Garin

She mentioned that she felt so lost and admits she still does. “I got the hang of everything but I wish I had more help with the whole college thing.” She felt that her time was wasted because she took “bs” classes.

“I know I could see a counselor or take a counseling class but I feel like if they did better explaining things in the first place it would’ve made my life easier.”

Garin mentioned that one of her best experiences in college so far was the ability to pick classes. “Compared to high school everything was so packed everyday and overwhelming. In college, choosing the classes and times to your liking is very helpful.”

Another Kennedy High School student, Jalen Harvey, 18, said, “It’s chill.”

Jalen Harvey

Freshman, Jalen Harvey

“It is not what I expected it to be, as far as strict teachers and really hard assignments,” when asked about his first thoughts on college, “Seems like high school work but in a better relaxed atmosphere. Not that many rules like dress code or tardiness or absence.”

Harvey also said, “I like the wide range of classes of different subjects.”

“In general, I don’t feel like I’m trapped and given no choice but to stay on campus,” he said, “For the most part, I can look back now and say that I’m glad that I am out of high school, and on to the bigger world.”

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