Perks of Being A Fangirl

fan·girl [fan-gurl]
noun Informal: Often Disparaging.
an obsessive female fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture

Life is tough being a fangirl of a celebrity. Always being aware of any news involving them (and being the first to know), supporting them 100% (even when they made that one really, really dumb decision that one time), saving up money to buy tickets to see them in concert (and CDs, merchandise, etc.), or just reacting to their flawless existence.

As a fangirl, you feel like no one understands. Except maybe your fellow fangirls you had become friends with because of your mutual passion for the same celebrity (but honestly, do they even understand?). But have no fear, your friendly neighborhood fangirl feels your pain! Watch this video about fangirls (this focuses on fangirls of musicians, mind you; don’t get me started on other fandoms) and subscribe to my YouTube channel, Batman TV, for a new video every Monday!


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