The 2013 Silverado Days Festival

On October 16th through the 18th, The Buena Park Noon Lions Club hosted the 57th Annual Silverado Days Festival. This years theme was “Salute our Veterans, Salute our Heroes.” Spokesman and member of the Buena Park Council Don McKay also known as Silverado Sam explained,”Silverado Days is a Buena Park Tradition. It began over 100 years ago as a town gathering and as time passed by and the town grew, so did the festival.” Silverado Sam also stated,”With Knotts Halloween Haunt going on and Silverado Days, it is a major tourist attraction, and brings people from other towns and cities together.”

“Silverado Days is all about the community and the great people living in the Center of the Southland.” As to the theme, Silverado Sam explained,”City Council Member Pat Donnelly chose this theme to pay tribute to the veterans and heroes who have served time.”

Fellow Buena Park Resident and Vietnam Veteran Ed Martinez said “This years theme was by far the best. It was a Touching Tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect this country.” Mr. Martinez who served for his country through 1970-1972 in the army, has lived in Buena Park his whole life. He also said, “Living in this great town and the way this town shows it’s appreciation to the armed forces makes me happy.”

The Silverado Days Festival also featured a Tribute Speech to the Armed Forces and members of the Buena Park Noon lions Club including Silverado Sam held the flags of the Armed Forces.

Cypress College Student and Buena Park Native Eddie Ortega (Major Undecided) said “Silverado Days has been apart of this awesome city for many years, and it feels great going to there with the family.”

The Sliverado Days Festival is also known for it carnival and all the food it serves. Many people go there to the there famous Fried Twinkies, but this year they introduced new Fried Desserts including Fried Snickers, Fried Nutter Butter, and Fried Oreos. The carnival featured many games and prizes. Prizes included Stuffed Toys, Scooters, and even a Mini Bike. This year was a success and everybody is looking forward to next year.


Members of the Buena Park Noon Lions Club rehearse before the Armed Forces Tribute Speech.


The Candyland Stand is open for visitors.


The Silverado Sam Wooden Statue is set up.


Members of the Buena Park Noon Lions Club are ready for the Armed Forces Tribute Intro


Veterans marching to the stage.


The Silverado Days Carnival at night.

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