Fall 2019 Club Rush

Welcome back to school Cypress Chargers. We hope you are setting into the Fall 2019 semester well. Cypress College’s 2019 Club Rush took place September third and fourth and featured many academic and service clubs. If you were unable to attend, here’s some information you may have missed.

Circle K CLub is the largest student-run collegiate service club that specializes in activities such as beach clean-ups and leadership workshop retreats. Circle K promotes and harbors leadership, fellowship and service. If you’re interested in joining, you can contact adviser Angela DeDios for information on meeting times and events.

Another service club featured at Club Rush was Human Services Club. Adviser James Tapia said the Human Services Club’s mission statement is “sudents helping students”. The club positively impacts students lives by holding food and clothing drives, which is aimed to help homeless students. The next clothing drive they will be hosting is a “Jacket Drive” from September ninth to September twenty-fifth. Tapia invites students to “make a difference in someones life this winter and donate a new or clean, gently worn jacket of all types and sizes. For more information on donating, joining the club, and meeting times, you can contact the clubs adviser James Tapia.

Campus Christians and Muslim Student Association are also clubs on campus available for students. Campus Christians weekly activities include bible study, refreshment time, and student luncheons. They also host sister club events, BBQ’s, picnics, attend intercollegiate outings, and participate in college retreats and hikes. For more information on Campus Christians, you can attend their weekly Wednesday meetings, from 2:1 5pm to 3:15pm s the Humanities Building, room 316.

The Muslim Student Association is a club with the goal of fostering, “community-empowerment-spreading awareness about Islam-enhancing the college experience by connecting with people who share common goals”. The Muslim Student Association hosts group discussions about different topics, fun kahoot sessions, and activities like beach days and hikes. Their goal is to connect with other Muslim students on campus, help each other feel more comfortable, and advocate for Muslim rights.

If you’re looking to perform, Club Rush had tables offering that as well. Lively Arts Club celebrates different forms of art. They host an “Open Mic Night” where any student can sign up to showcase any form of art whether it be poetry, singing, acting, playing an instrument or a demonstration of live art. They host meetings on Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, beginning September twenty-fourth. For more information, follow them @cclivelyartsclub on Instagram or contact their adviser, Jay Shonkwiler.

Club Rush also featured a number of new clubs, such as Feminists United, Animal Kingdom, and American Sign Language Club. Feminists United is looking to fundraise or have a makeup drive for trans-women shelters, and also host fun activities on campus such as Prom. For more information follow them @ccfeministsunited.

Animal Kingdom’s mission statement is “This club has been created to help students interested in the veterinary field by providing resources for school applications, internship opportunities, as well as participate in events such as outreach volunteer work to help animals”. The club’s goals are to provide information on Veterinary School applications, host events with guest speakers from the profession field, and visit animal shelters and veterinary schools.

The American Sign Language Club is a new club looking to spread awareness on deaf culture, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Members, and how to communicate with deaf students. They provide tips such as, “Face the Deaf or Hard of Hearing students and make eye contact, speak clearly and in a natural pace, use natural gestures and visual cues, keep your mouth visible, use a pencil and paper if you get stuck, smile and relax”. For more information, you can visit the Disability Support Service Building.

College is impersonal, you can jumpstart your proactivity and combine your academic and social life by joining any of the clubs at Cypress College.

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