Food Trucks Arrive to Cypress College

Multiple students walked around the campus quad to see what meal options the food trucks had to offer. As the lunch hour quickly approached on a Thursday afternoon, biology major, Karen Vadillo was in line ready to order from the red and white colored food truck, Rosita’s GuateMex.

Vadillo also said that she preferred the food trucks over the previous cafeteria food because there’s a variety to choose from and it’s not as expensive. After all, her favorite meal to order is the six dollar nacho bowl.

Rosita’s GuateMex food truck offers other deals such as two tacos for five dollars with a choice of meat that varies from carne asada, chicken, or chorizo and topped with cilantro, onion, and cheese.

Over the Summer, Cypress College announced there would be changes happening this fall semester towards the food services department regarding the cafeteria and convenience store. While the school is currently searching for another food vendor, the food trucks have become the cafeteria meals, and the convenience store snacks have moved to the bookstore.

According to the Cypress College website, in order to resolve the food insecurity issue on campus, food vendors will provide five dollar meal options and accept EOPS food vouchers. Some students also commented that the previous cafeteria food didn’t have many options to choose from. Kaycee Bushong, a business management major, agreed the food trucks are a better fit for the school. “The cafeteria food quality wasn’t very good.” said Bushong. “The quality of the food trucks is better, and they give you a good portion for five dollars.”

Even though there are multiple food trucks on campus, Bushong also mentioned how there weren’t many vegan or vegetarian friendly options. “There should definitely be a food truck for students who are allergic to meat or have health restrictions because it’s like they have no options.” she stated.

For those who want to treat themselves, Drizzle sells desserts such as funnel cakes, ice cream, and drinks. “The Funfetti” is an eight dollar colorful funnel cake that includes mochi, fruity pebbles, topped with sprinkles and powdered sugar, drizzled with Nutella, and whipped cream. Drizzle’s “Iced Horchata” is a six dollar drink that contains coffee and cinnamon. These flavor combinations give the horchata a refreshing taste, yet energized feeling.

Check out the food trucks located by the bookstore at the campus quad this fall semester, Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Seating tables are also available by the Cypress Cafe for student convenience.





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