Facebook: Like or Dislike?

With all the new social media out there these days, some of the pioneers have to past time have fallen out of popularity.

First it was Myspace, and now it seems like Facebook is next on the not cool list. When Facebook first launched onto the scene back in 2006, people could not get enough of it. Student Denshay Wallace, 20, a sociology major, says “Oh I used to be obsessed with Facebook back in the day!”. Really though, who wasn’t. Facebook blew away Myspace as a more personal friend experience, you could search people by their schools and see what all your friends were doing constantly while letting everyone know what your status was as well.

However, as the times have progressed so has the need for a more instant gratification type of social media. This is where Twitter and Instagram have made there impact. Whereas on Facebook user’s have to scroll through pages and pages of “friends” and all kinds of distracting ads and games, many Instagram and Twitter make it easy to see it, like it and share it. Facebook is becoming more of an older generations virtual phone book. Many parents of students have Facebook pages now to stay in touch with family that live out of state, or to keep an eye on their children.

For many students at Cypress, Facebook is just not cool anymore. Son Lam, 19, a liberal arts major says, “I still have a Facebook, but I never go on it. Instagram is just so much easier and I like to see the pictures of all my friends”. Another student, Tommy Arreola, 19, a Polyscience major, thinks that, “Facebook was the trend and now it’s all about Instagram”.

Instagram is all about picture sharing, like a photo album for your life, and you can still connect with friends and even peek inside the lives of celebrities. Like Twitter, Instagram allows fans to follow their favorites and like and dislike their photos, making these social media sites in a way, more interactive then Facebook.

Erica Bashall, 22, a sociology major, says, “I prefer Twitter over anything else. it is the fastest form of communication, I can tweet to my friends and I get a reply faster then a text message sometimes with the notifications on my phone”. Bashall does say however, “I have a Facebook, but I use that for family mostly now”.

For those who want to keep themselves in loop with their friends, and have an instantly better time browsing the latest happenings are saying hashtag Facebook is out.

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