Face-to-Face classes, a thing of the past

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way education is taught and brings a sense of wonder if this is what the future may hold.

Zoom video conferencing calls, pre-recorded lectures, and virtual graduations are all the new norm for students, teachers, and faculty members. The switch to online classes, however, might not be suited for everyone such as the courses that require science labs and hands-on-training; time will only tell what’s in store for them.

Personal responsibility, time management, dissatisfaction, and feelings of unclear direction are reasons some students choose to opt out of online classes.

Interaction and learning begins in a classroom and without the face-to-face conversations and discussions between students and teachers it’s unclear if this form of virtual education can work.

Not having a computer or high-speed internet makes it difficult for some students to get their schoolwork done. Because of this, low income students are vulnerable to dropping out or not receiving an education at all.

Living in these strange times could mean a change for how we move forward with our education system. For now, we will be attending school from our homes and learning from a distance.

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