Teacher’s Take

As the spring semester comes to an end, we can’t ignore that it was one of the hardest semesters students have gone through. This experience has been just as challenging for our educators as well.

In a brief e-mail by one of Cypress College’s young educators in the SEM division, Professor Joseph Trevino, gave an overview of his experience on this new virtual class reboot we all took. “Transitioning all my classes to remote instruction was a big challenge!” he says.

It seems like the teachers who were on the other side of our computer screens had to deal with their lesson plans and methods in a way that none of them expected especially midway through the semester.

Most teachers are most familiar with the classroom setting, not only that, but it’s like a second home to them.

“I would say that I appreciate the no traffic aspect of my day. Waking up, rolling out of bed, walking over to my computer, and hosting virtual office hours in my pajamas has been really nice.” Trevino said.

Although the complexity of rearranging lesson plans and the long hours of learning new software seemed difficult at first, Professor Trevino did emphasize that this technological era weighed heavy during this pandemic and without it we couldn’t have advanced and managed the way we did.

“It seems like there might be more remote instruction in education and I’m willing to increase my word per minute longer to help students to learn until it is safe to return to the classroom.” he added.

In the last part of his e-mail, Professor Trevino gives a wholehearted and optimistic message, “Cypress College is an amazing school, filled with wonderful students, faculty, and staff.” while acknowledging the different perks and resources we have even with the campus being closed.

Professor Trevino also states, “I know Cypress College will continue to help students and provide a wonderful education experience. I must thank all my colleagues who have reached out to me and the Science Engineering and Mathematics division as they have all been very supportive. A huge thanks to the Distance Education team, they have been working overtime to help us learn a few things about remote instruction. I couldn’t imagine myself going through this at a different school; I’m happy and proud to be a part of this school.”

Like Professor, I am very thankful that I went through this whole experience with Cypress College, a school that has been supportive and is willing to work with all of us from teachers, staff and even students.

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