Entertainment Epidemic

Photo by: Matt Chavez

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused much of our normal lives to disappear or change, and the entertainment world is certainly no exception to this.

Since quarantine started in March, many events have been cancelled or postponed. In fact, the Batman movie that was supposed to be released this October had to be pushed to October 2021.

Out of all the cancellations, NBCUniversal’s CEO, Jeff Shell said in an interview that the studio plans to release all upcoming movies on demand to rent and premier in movie theaters when they reopen.

This was a short sighted move by Universal, as many have complained about the abhorrent prices to rent a film for two days is $19.99.

In response to this AMC CEO, Adam Aron stated that his theaters will no longer show any Universal films which is also a potential short sighted move by the company because billions of dollars are hanging in the balance.

Many speculate that this is just an empty threat by AMC, but if it isn’t, the entertainment world will be vastly different.

Movie theaters may become a thing of the best, but the drive-in theater could make a comeback, and cause the nostalgia to become an all time high in the media as would be par in a post corona world.

Concerts are also affected in the entertainment industry due to the pandemic. It has been speculated that we won’t attending them until 2021.

Many people in the industry such as Attila frontman and Stay Sick records owner, Chris Fronzak warn that “Things are going to be very different for the future of live music.”

It’s also been estimated that ticket prices will be higher, and venues will most likely have new capacity limits based on their location.

2020 has been a rough year for most forms of media, but video games have still flourished as a little ray of hope during these ever changing times.

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