Cypress College Presents “In the Heights”

The Cypress College Theater Department premiered their adaptation of the hit musical “In The Heights” on Friday, March 6. 

The play is directed by Angela Cruz, a Professor of Theater at Cypress College and the first Latina to direct a play for the Cypress College Theater Department. Cruz is proud to direct a production that encapsulates Hispanic culture, and star a diverse cast that “reflects the college community at large.”

”In the Heights” is a musical written and produced by Lin Manuel-Miranda, who created this play before going on to spring into the national spotlight after the debut of his musical “Hamilton” in 2015.

“In the Heights” stars Erick Joshua Guijarro as Usnavi de la Vega, a Dominican immigrant bodega owner in Washington Heights. It is a historical neighborhood in New York City that has traditionally been called home by minorities over the course of its history.

The story follows several characters as their personal goals, motivations, and a strike of luck threaten to forever change the Barrio they call home.

The musical is abundant with musical numbers with Hispanic beats and rhythms, complemented by quick and sharp rap lyrics, and well-coordinated dance numbers from a sizable ensemble create a stage that is loud and lively both visually and audibly.

The production will be running 3 more dates over the weekend with shows at 7 pm on March 13 and March 14, and the finale of the production on March 15 at 4 pm.

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