Popstar to Rockstar

If you are in the market for new and unusual music look no further than Poppy. She is famous on YouTube as that robotic girl, but has since shed that image to become a rockstar in her recent releases.

The transition to metal is an odd one at first thought, but once you get to a concert and see all the other fans she brings out you’ll see it has only broadened her fan base.

They had drag queens to vest wearing metal heads at her show. Her fresh feeling mix of heavy metal and pop singing really turn her songs into an avant-garde hard hitting genre of it own.

She also signed to a major label in the metal scene, it will be interesting to see where that takes her on her upcoming tours. Coming July 27 to September 5, Poppy will tour with some heavy metal giants Deftones and Gojira. She will be an interesting mix to their line up adding a slightly softer flare.

Keeping the odd genre trend was the opening band VOWWS has a dark indie vibe and there are only two members which was very cool to see. Both members sing giving their songs a cool back and forth dynamic, and not seen nearly often enough in my own opinion.

The only instruments on stage for them are a guitar and a synth the drums and bass are all programmed giving their live mix a thick gritty sound.

In addition, they wore outfits in all black and corpse paint which was unexpected. If you are looking for interesting genre blends Poppy and VOWWS have you covered.

Overall, if you want to hear some heavy music with a kawaii feel, Poppy is the one for you. Her shows are top notch, the musicians are perfectly in sync, and the bright visuals are great to juxtapose the aggressive drums and guitar. Expect to see poppy grow more in her new niche genre.