Cypress College Sex Day

On Wednesday April 18th, Cypress College’s fifth annual Sex Day will come to life again. The event aims to normalize topics around sex, and will take place on the Bridge that runs over the Pond. The event will begin at 11:30 am and will continue until 1:30 pm.

Introduced nearly five years ago by Professor Susan Johnson, a Professor of Human Sexuality at Cypress College, Sex Day has been brought to Cypress College thanks to the efforts of various students, faculty, and clubs on campus. Love, diversity, and sexuality are treated differently all throughout the world, and the event strives to celebrate and decrease shame and stigma around it’s discussion.

Those who are looking to attend Sex Day can look forward to numerous games, including vulva jigsaw puzzles and balloon games. Outside health clinics, including Planned Parenthood, have attended the event in the past years to provide additional information and to join in on the activities. Adult stores Condom Revolution and A Touch of Romance will attend as well, with fun facts and pop quizzes that you won’t have to study for!

The event has an open invite to all and every individual who believes in the importance of self love and respect for others. Events such as this one are created to bring awareness and increase acceptance in sexuality while decreasing shame.

Johnson created the event with the hope that it would help save someone’s life and change the lives of many others. This event will feature mature themes, so students are advised to use their discretion with attending, but Johnson emphasizes that you’ll never know what the event can hold for you until you come and see. Plus there will be free food and snacks! Oh and possibly free condoms!

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