Coffee with Cristy! This Week: Stereoscope Coffee Company

This Week: Stereoscope Coffee Company

Spring Break is over, which means it’s back to school! Which also means back to our regular routines; no more day drinking, no more sleeping in- oh thank goodness for Spring Break, right? Unfortunately for myself, I did not visit Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, or Miami this year- instead I visited a new coffee shop for you guys!

This week’s coffee shop stop was Stereoscope Coffee Company. Located in the city of Buena Park, less than 20 minutes from Cypress College, you can find this shop off of Beach Boulevard. Small, simple, slightly crowded, but yet somehow quiet is exactly how I remember this spot. The menu had plenty of options but definitely focused more on serious and strong coffee drinks rather than sweet, fun, or flirty coffee drinks.

As for the comfort of the location, the shop has plenty of seating, though table space is a bit limited and enough for a laptop and maybe a small notebook- nothing more.My visit took place on a rainy and gloomy afternoon- so naturally, it was hard to find two seats next to one another- and while the shop felt cozy enough to get some studying done overall, things like the multiple coffee bean bags all along their wall brought “under construction” to mind. If I’m looking forward to a busy day, I’d definitely come back, grab my preferred drink, and go on with my day.

Give it a try if you don’t mind studying in the company of strangers- the cafe seems almost like a bar; but better because the drinks are strong and cheap, with nothing over $10 for a single item!

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