Cypress Bistro Showcases Southwestern Cuisine


Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with crisp leeks.

On Thursday, Dec.5, the Cypress College Anaheim Campus’ Cypress Bistro held their Southwest Cuisine Showcase. The culinary team provided some southwestern inspired creations as a final exam sort to speak. The outcome was not just tasty but visually true to theme.

The meal’s starter was a corn fritter in jalapeno cream. There was an option of Rio Grande beef fajitas with peppers, onions, guacamole, and sweet corn cake, or New Mexican chile rellenos. For dessert, they had a classic dulce de leche rice pudding brulee with a spiced cookie. The specialty beverage was a cactus rose, which was a margarita inspired mix of orange juice, jalapeno, and cucumber.

This Cychron reporter enjoyed the roasted butternut squash bisque with crisp leeks the best. The roasted butternut squash bisque with crisp leeks was creamy perfection. The creator of the bisque, Michael Rosas, 23, was inspired by Arizona’s use of the butternut squash in different dishes.

Although 85 percent of his grade is riding on the showcase, “I feel pretty confident. This is sort of a fraction of what it is like in real life. A taste of what it is like in the industry”, Rosas said. The students get to directly use their research and practice hands which gives students confidence in their own production of dishes. In addition, students get help from the chiefs, which helps with taste.

“The chefs are always on me, always help me out a lot,” said Alexis Matos, 32. “It helps you prepare a lot and gets you going.”

Ryan Whelan, 29, providing the Cactus Rose specialty beverages.

Ryan Whelan, 29, providing the Cactus Rose specialty beverages.

The culinary, management, and front of the house classes work together to make the showcase happen. Molly Atkins, 22, server for the day, appreciates how close the students have become, “we’re a family in a sense, we’ve all progressed together.” The showcase in a culinary and hospitality sense is balance and each student is confident, which helps them give the best service and work possible.

The Southwest showcase was a success from this reporter’s experience. The culinary team provided fresh dishes inspired by the region and the front house students provided the perfect atmosphere.

Cypress Bistro will be holding another restaurant series in Spring 2014.

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