PokéHonest Opinion: Pokemon X and Y Review

Daniel Cabuay

Daniel thinks of which Pokémon to choose next, Blastoise?

With the new release of Pokémon X and Y, there are plenty of students on campus battling, trading, and collecting Pokémon.

Daniel Cabuay, 21, spent his lunch break training and battling other students in the Cypress College Cafeteria.

“My first thoughts is that it was a big step up from the original games, because rather then focusing on one region specifically.” Cabuay felt that the creators are trying to emphasize that even though new Pokémon come up with each game, they are not forgetting the older Pokémon but instead trying to tie each generation of Pokémon together.

Cabuay also talked about the interview with Junichi Masuda, Game Freak Director, he read online. “The idea was X and Y connect people internationally under the one idea that they all like Pokémon,” Cabuay explained.

Cabuay moved on to discuss his thoughts about the little things in the game he found amusing. He was glad the Pokémon were fully animated and was happy the creators were trying to make Pokémon feel more realistic.

“You can feed them now, you can pet them now, you can have face to face interactions with Pokémon through this thing called Pokémon-Amie,” said Cabuay about the new features. “It just that amount of depth, detail, and upgrades to original stuff they had that makes it such a great game.”

“I like that Gamefreak really stepped it up with this Pokémon. I was not to happy with Black and White, although i didn’t play Black or White 2, Black & White seemed to be much harder to beat then X & Y,” said Culla Esparza, 21, another Cypress College student, “They added more fun ways to grind then just run through grass all day and beat Pokémon down all day.”

Pokémon Black and White is the generation of the main Pokémon games before X and Y. According to vgchartz.com, Black and White is the least selling game amongst the main generations with 11.45 million units sold.

Pokémon X and Y is the fastest game to hit one million copies, according to IGN. “The newest Pokémon title, X and Y, sold 1 million units faster than any other 3DS game in the U.S.,”

X and Y is the fastest growing Pokémon game in sales, selling over four million copies in two days, and will continue to sell.

“X and Y are doing extremely well in sales overall, with initial sales being over 70 percent more than Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 sales,” writes Janelle Cabuco on neontommy.com.

Cabuay also enjoyed the character customization. He said, “It’s not just a dude, not just a white dude, its not just an Asian dude, it can be any dude. There’s no real prejudice to age, gender, nationality. It really friendly to all ages.”

There were many things Cabuay enjoyed about the game, from the character customization to the scenery, and even the new Pokémon type: Fairy. “Now one of the most forgotten Pokémon, Wigglytuff, can stand up to some of the most powerful dragon types.”

Culla also enjoyed the new trading system. “Since it involves the whole world, it makes getting Pokémon more fun because they can have random names in other languages  or getting the Pokémon that change based on the region they are from. Or, or the random Pokémon trader. Wonder Trade. Trade that Weedle for a… a Metapod.”

Cabuay made one last comment on the series, “It’s one of those things that’s like, one generation doesn’t know about it, we are going to let them know, you know? It’s definitely a long lasting legacy that most people, everyone knows what it is. Pokémon has kind of been a part of the culture and it will definitely last.”

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