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It’s time for the biggest technology convention of the year, and is right here to cover it.

The 2014 International CES will be held from January 7 through 10, when technology creators and advocates from all over the world convene in Las Vegas to showcase their upcoming consumer electronics offerings, brand new breakthroughs, and high-tech innovations. Held since 1947, the International CES has become one of the biggest technology events of the year, and The Cypress Chronicle is lucky to be a part in covering this year’s event.

Day One

Press Day was held on January 6, where companies with big announcements scheduled press conferences to unveil their new technologies.

Sharp Unveils New Aquos TVs – Electronics corporation Sharp, known for their televisions, unveils a new line of high-definition TVs.

Samsung Bends, Bay Snaps – As Samsung unveils its new bendable screens, popular director Michael Bay couldn’t face the pressure and walked off stage.

Three New MakerBots Unveiled – Acclaimed 3D printing company MakerBot unveils its new line of products.

Day Two

 The Best of LG Electronics – We visited the LG Electronics booth and found the best of their upcoming products, including a flexible phone and a 4K smart TV!

Day Three

Tobii Eye Tracking Technology – Editor Erik Lucas takes a look at Tobii’s innovative new eye-tracking technology.

Keep watching this post as we update it with our continuing coverage.

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